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Q: In Cakephp 3, how to detect user from another site?

I want to have a method before AppController (beforeFilter) to detect if a user has come to my site via another site. If so, from another site, the method will redirect them to a welcome page.

  public function beforeFilter(Event $event) {
      $availableUrls = array(
		// … like this …
      ); //is there a better way?
      if (!in_array($this->referer(), $availableUrls)) {
        $this->redirect([‘controller’ =>’landing’, ‘action’ => ‘welcome’]);

Can anyone help? Thanks.

SOLVED detect url domain
2 Answers

Try the following code:

if (parse_url($this->referer(), PHP_URL_HOST) != '') {
    //catch-all, if so do something
Accepted by AJhamper

This will do the trick:

if ($this->request->domain() != '') {
    $this->redirect([‘controller’ =>’landing’, ‘action’ => ‘welcome’]);

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