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Prevent XSS attacking in Cakephp

To create CRUD actions is an easy thing in Cakephp. Now, I want to prevent XSS attacking in Cakephp (XSS headers?), how can I add this security feature to my application?For example, creatin

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Cryptographic nonce plugin in Cakephp 2

I want to add nonce security to block from un-authorized connections for my restful application. I did not see a feature via Cake official documentation, so is there a nonce plugin I can rely on? In s

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How to prevent Oauth2 app key and secret hard-coded in CakePHP?

Again Hi,I have a small application that uses Oauth2 to interact with third party service provider. I'd like to know if there is any way to protect key/secret in source code that other people cannot a

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