Category: Models & ORM

How can I create subsquery of same query written in 2x

$conditionsSubQuery['Logs.title'] = $log_title; $conditionsSubQuery['Logs.school_id'] = $school_id; $db = $this->Log->getDataSource(); $subQuery = $db->buildStatement( array( 'fi

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Category: Pagination

How to create numbered pagination like this website using cakephp 3.4?

Hi How to create numbered pagination like this website.. If there have 100 pages then ,it'll be length so I need to develop what they developed in this website.. Please help me I'm new to cakePHP

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Category: Configuration

Any thoughts on speeding up Cakephp 3?

I have tried to use caching (cake's default cache engine) to speed up query results, e.g. static blog posts and menu, but didn't make significant difference..So I would like to discuss how to rea

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Category: Security

How to prevent Oauth2 app key and secret hard-coded in CakePHP?

Again Hi,I have a small application that uses Oauth2 to interact with third party service provider. I'd like to know if there is any way to protect key/secret in source code that other people cannot a

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Category: Debugging

How to check latest SQL logs in the controller?

Hi,Is there a way to see latest SQL logs in CakePHP's controllers? I'd like to do this checking in my controller before rendering a view. Like: <?php echo $this->element('sql_dump'); ?

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