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Javascript extract rows with conditions from a JSON

I have a json that generated from a cakephp api, like:[   {     "_id": "57fcaf7173e3f772d54e991f",     "isActive": true,     "balance": "2,095.68",    

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Category: Sessions

Problem when reading an associative array form Cookie

Cakephp returns an error when reading an associative array from Cookie. I have an CRM application that stores some clients data in cookie. <?php class ClientsController extends AppControll

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Category: Utility Classes

How to Hash::extract value from JSON data (utility class)

Accroding to Hash::extract() method, to retrieve data from arrays or object implementing with "Hash Path Syntax". For example:// Common Usage: $users = [ ['id' => 1, 'name' => 'mark']

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