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Upgrade CakePHP from 3.2 to 3.3

I have an application that was built by CakePHP 3.2. I'd like to upgrade to v3.3.{ "name": "cakephp/app", "description": "CakePHP skeleton app", "homepage": "", "

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Installing Cakephp 3 without composer?

Hi all,I use Cakephp 2 from time to time, and recently I want to start coding by using version 3. Is there a method to install Cakephp 3 without using composer? I want to install version 3 in an

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Choosing between CakePHP version 2.X or 3.X?

Hi all,Recently I decided to move to the cakephp framework from Yii 2, and I am new to Cake. I would like to ask you guys which version of cake do you prefer? I have been studying version 2.X and I fe

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