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Q: Problem when reading an associative array form Cookie

Cakephp returns an error when reading an associative array from Cookie. I have an CRM application that stores some clients data in cookie. 


class ClientsController extends AppController {

    public function initialize() {


    public function getClientName($index) {

        $client = $this->Cookie->read('Client');
        echo $client[$index]['name'];


[GET] /clients/get-client-name/0 returns an error:

Warning (2): Illegal string offset 'name' [APP/Controller/ClientsController.php, line 1292]

Cake\Controller\Controller::invokeAction() - CORE/src/Controller/Controller.php, line 435
Cake\Http\ActionDispatcher::_invoke() - CORE/src/Http/ActionDispatcher.php, line 122
Cake\Http\ActionDispatcher::dispatch() - CORE/src/Http/ActionDispatcher.php, line 96
Cake\Routing\Dispatcher::dispatch() - CORE/src/Routing/Dispatcher.php, line 60
[main] - ROOT/webroot/index.php, line 36
json cookie
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Created: 3 Oct '16

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