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Q: In Cakephp 3, how to get client's IP address?


How can I get client's true IP address in Cake 3? 

$clientIp = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; //the php way

I always get output:


Please help, thanks!

2 Answers

Version: 3

I think the reason you are getting ::1 is because the localhost environment.

Should a MAMP return ::1 as IP on localhost?

::1 is the IVP6 equivalent of IVP4 address

You can also set your local ip address in Apache's config.



Accepted by AJhamper

::1 is the IVP6 address (Kristi's answer).

If you want to get client's ip address in cakephp way, consider: 

//in controller
$ip = $this->request->clientIp();

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