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Q: Choosing between CakePHP version 2.X or 3.X?

Hi all,

Recently I decided to move to the cakephp framework from Yii 2, and I am new to Cake. I would like to ask you guys which version of cake do you prefer? I have been studying version 2.X and I feel confortable enough to use it since I do not have much experience using Composer to bootstrap the latest version 3.3. 

My question is whether I go for 3.3 or stay in 2.X for the upcoming project?

version yii composer
1 Answers

Version: php 4.6+, 2.x, 3.0



Cakephp 3.0+ that compliance with PHP 7.0+



Created: 10 Sep '16

Last Reply: 25 Sep '16

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