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Q: How to implement the built-in mobile detect in Cakephp 3?

I have used mobile detect library ( before in other php project to determine a request is from a mobile device. Not until recently I noticed Cake 3 has built-in library in bootstrap.php:

 * Setup detectors for mobile and tablet.
Request::addDetector('mobile', function ($request) {
    $detector = new \Detection\MobileDetect();
    return $detector->isMobile();
Request::addDetector('tablet', function ($request) {
    $detector = new \Detection\MobileDetect();
    return $detector->isTablet();

The thing is whenever I use 

if ($this->MobileDetect->detect('isiOS')) {

    $this->redirect(['controller' => 'mobile', 'action' => 'downloadApp', '?' => ['device' => 'iOS']]);

returns error 500

Call to a member function detect() on boolean

I need to find another way to implement md library.

SOLVED mobiledetect detectors
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Version: 3.0

Accepted by Sam Dawson


I think you can access mobile detect through cake request directly.

if ($this->request->is('mobile')) {

//or this is also equivalent
$detector = new \Detection\MobileDetect();
if ($detector->isiOS()) {


Created: 5 Sep '16

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