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Q: Any thoughts on speeding up Cakephp 3?

I have tried to use caching (cake's default cache engine) to speed up query results, e.g. static blog posts and menu, but didn't make significant difference..

So I would like to discuss how to really speed up Cakephp (3.x), and thoughts?

For me:

  1. Caching query results
  2. Retrieve select fields only (basic)
  3. Contain tables only when really need
  4. Turn off debug mode in production, of course
  5. ...any thoughts?
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Version: 3.X



Keeping your database normalized is also an important topic in modern web applications. According to Wikipedia (Database normalization) A good DB design should provide you efficient ways to organise data, i.e. to eliminate redundancy, to free database of modification anomalies, to eliminate need for restructuring database when inserting data.

DB normalization in short:

TodosIn short
1NF - First Normal Form1. eliminate repeating or duplicate fields.
2. ensure each column contains only a single value
3. ensure each row of data is unique that followed by a primary key.
2NFmake sure all non-key fields depend on all components of the primary key and all other fields in a table depend on the primary key.
3NFno leftovers, no non-key field depends upon another.
Relationshipscontainable your ORM by DB and Cake associations:
1 to 1,
1 to many,
many to many

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