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Q: Table::get($name)->hasAny(['key' => 'value'] is not working in cakephp 3

Cake shows error unknown method "hasAny" when checking a record exists or not. Neither this..

TableRegistry::get('Posts')->hasAny(['' => 1]);

or that

$this->Posts->hasAny(array(['' => 1']));

works. The version of cakephp I'm using is 3.2.

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Accepted by Kristi

Hi Kristi:

The hasAny function is deprecated in Cakephp 3. The right way to check if a record exists or not is to do:

TableRegistry::get('Posts')->exists(['' => 1]); //notice: '' => 1 or 'id' => 1 either will do

You can check this link about upgrading to Cakephp 3: Model::hasAny(array $conditions) is now Table::exists(array $conditions)

And of course if you prefer the old fashion way:

$this->Posts = TableRegistry::get('Posts');

$this->Posts->exists(['' => 1]);

//or check data existence
if ($this->Posts->exists(['' => 1]) {
  //do something

//and so on.. e.g. creating new entity
$entity = $this->Posts->newEntity($data);

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